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In this episode, I am interviewing an Ayurvedic practitioner and pharmacist Naina Bajaria from UK.

The topics we discuss in this podcast are –

Story of Niana’s journey into Ayurveda from being a Pharmacist
Why Ayurvedic medications have a completely different approach to healing
How letting go of instant gratification can change a lot in persons well being
Significant benefits of Kushmanda Rasayana
How eastern patients and western patients approach Ayurveda
Healing powers of just being heard
Naina Bajaria is an ayurvedic practitioner from the UK. Her background started from Pharmacy where she noticed significant gaps within concepts of health and wellbeing – mainly the psychological and spiritual components of healing. With Ayurveda, yoga, and her Indian heritage, Naina hopes to bridge this gap to bring forth a new way to live and be well by utilizing knowledge from both systems. You can connect with her on Instagram @theayurvedicpharmacy or write to her info@nainaayurveda.com

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