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In today’s episode, I am interviewing Sherri Dylan, a Celebrity Make-up Artist, Actress, and Model from Australia regarding her healing journey and how she manages to integrate spirituality into her busy life.

The topics we discuss in this podcast are

The story behind Sherri Dylan: From makeup artist and model to healer and Reiki practitioner.
The importance of balance: How she manages to combine two seemingly contrasting worlds with each other – the spheres of spirituality and the glamor of the fashion world
Why looking beautiful and feeling beautiful are two different things and how beauty manifests from the inside out
Why owning your true self is important in finding your life path
Learning how to own who you truly are
How to act based on love rather than fear
How to differentiate between the external noise and your true inner calling
Why meditation is so important to protect your energy
Rituals to maintain and enhance your energy
Sherri Dylan is a Reiki Practitioner and healer based in Queensland Australia. She is also a makeup artist, Actor, and Model. She can be reached through her Instagram page @la_femmegold and @sherri_dylan

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