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In this episode, I am Interviewing Dr. Deepa Apte, a medical doctor,  ayurvedic practitioner, and yoga teacher. The Topics we discuss in this episode Story of Dr. Deepa in becoming an Ayurveda Practioner Causes of hair loss How constipation can influence the health of hair Relations between Agni and Anemia in hair loss Dry heat a major cause of hair fall Dealing with Contraceptive Pills, Hormonal Imbalances Usage of Ghee and Turmeric Why taking care of bone health is important Prevention and Care for Dandruff Non Negotiable Tips For Healthy Hair Dr. Deepa Apte, a medical doctor,  ayurvedic practitioner, and yoga teacher is one of the directors and founders of Ayurveda Pura and is in charge of Ayurveda Pura’s products, their products, and ingredients. You can connect with her at www.deepaapte.com For further details about your host Dr. Vignesh Devraj please go to Facebook and Instagram @sitarambeachretreat @vigneshdevraj or visit www.sitaramretreat.com. Dr. Vignesh also provides Online individual consultation for your health and lifestyle improvement upon request. If you wish to arrange a 1-1 Online consultation, please sign up from the link below. https://calendly.com/drvignesh/50-minute-consultation-with-dr-vignesh