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In this episode, I am interviewing Ashdin Doctor Founder and host of the Habit coach podcast and Awesome 180 habit coaching company on how to reach 6 pack abs and get rid of sugar cravings and getting into healthy habits.

The topics we discuss are

Story of Ashdin doctor from being an unhealthy peak performer to a healthy habit coach. [1:02]
Why 6 pack abs are not just about exercising. [4:15]
Healthy habits are formed by chunking and have nothing much to do with motivation [5:15]
How to get rid of sugar cravings [7:49]
Why we trust brand managers with ulterior motives than doctors who are interested in our good health [12:35]
How to get into no sugar challenge [13:34]
Why fat loss is more of a mental game [15:35]
How to trick your mind for getting into healthy habits [21:21]
Why it is important to replace every craving with a healthy substitute to have a long term benefit [22:20]
How choosing your environment is more important than willpower for healthy habits [28:22]
3 basic steps for fat loss [30:46]
Why it is so expensive to be sick [34:09]

You can follow Ashdin Doctor on Instagram @ashdindoc

Check out Ashdin’s website- Awesome180 www.awesome180.com

Youtube Channel- The Habit Coach – Awesome180

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