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In this episode, I am interviewing Sheena Dabholkar of Mindful and Body on how to Journal, to improve our mental and physical health.

The topics we discuss are –

Story of Sheena’s healing through journalling [01:16]
What exactly is journaling and is there a proper way to do it [05:45]
How writing can help to release our emotional baggage [09:20]
Why our brain is not good at compartmentalization and good at unhealthy generalization [10:50]
How to use journaling to come out of negative patterns [12:20]
Difference between panic attack, anxiety, and fear [15:55]
How journaling can help to release pain induced by unresolved emotions [21:10]
What is gratitude journaling [22:59]
Why we must train ourselves to be grateful to the little things that we don’t notice normally [24:21]
The difference between gratitude and mindfulness [25:02]
How to come out of anxiety patterns [29:31]
Why it’s good to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and have a plan B [34:19]

Sheena Dabholkar is the founder and facilitator of Mindful and Body, an alternate holistic mental health initiative and wellbeing practice that makes the tools of self-care, mindfulness, and journalling accessible via workshops, counseling, and consultations.

A sometimes journalist, activist, artist, and creative, her other professional work informs her practice and vice versa, as she believes firmly in the interconnectedness of everything.

You can follow Sheena on Instagram @mindfulandbody

Checkout Sheena’s website – www.mindfulandbody.com

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