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In this episode, I am talking with Dr. Nisha Khanna, a doctor of internal medicine from Texas, who practices Functional Medicine and Ayurveda, in order to provide an integrative approach to healing her patients. Dr. Khanna shares the reality of what happens in a women’s body when taking the birth control pill for a long time, she shares healthy alternatives for contraception and elucidates how to improve menstrual health and fertility.

Some of the insights of today’s episode are:

How do birth control pills work [01:16] Why women should be cautious of taking it for the sake of improving skin condition [3.42] How the birth control pill can harm the gut microbiome [05:45] Step by step guide to stop the birth control pill and hormone-free alternatives [11:28] Side effects of Copper IUDs [15:04] Why it is important to track the menstrual cycle [17:10] How fertility improves once the menstrual cycle is regulated [20:21] Steps to revive fertility after stopping the birth control pill [22:07] Why men need to be educated about the female cycle and the side effects of hormonal birth control [24:30] Rituals and routines to follow during the menstrual cycle [29:49] Why periods are to be celebrated and not shamed [36:37]

Dr. Nisha Khanna is a board-certified internist who has been practicing medicine since 2005. Pursuing further education in Ayurveda and Functional Medicine, today she runs her private practice in Functional Ayurveda in Austin, Texas. She works with the patient’s entire mind-body-spirit complex and favors treatment plans that focus on hormone balance and intestinal health. Her approach is centered around the empowerment and education of her patients regarding the prevention and treatment of their illnesses.

Also, check out our podcast episode #10 in which Dr. Nisha Khanna and I talk about mercury toxicity, leaky gut and candida and healing such issues through Ayurveda and Panchakarma. To learn more, visit her website www.NishaKhannaMD.com and follow her on Instagram @NishaKhannaMD

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