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In this episode, Dr. Vignesh Devraj is explaining The fundamentals of Ayurveda and 5 elements of nature Panchamahabhutas and its relationship with doshas Meaning of the word “Dosha” Explaining Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Three pillars of longevity and vitality On 27th September, I am holding an interactive Online Ayurveda Course on the topic of Agni and Ojas, which is the Ayurvedic Approach for enhancing Metabolism and Vitality. According to Ayurveda, the whole purpose of any therapy is to protect the Agni of a person. And in this course, we will cover the topics on the fundamentals of Ayurveda in enhancing digestion, healthy eating habits, improving gut health, basics of ayurvedic nutrition, and steps to enhance your vitality. Please find the details of this online webinar course below https://sitaramagniojas.eventbrite.hk/ For the first 10 students, we offer a special course fee (20% off). Please sign up now before the first 10 tickets will be gone https://sitaramagniojas.eventbrite.hk?discount=SMOAC20 For further details about your host Dr. Vignesh Devraj please go to Facebook and Instagram @sitarambeachretreat @vigneshdevraj or visit www.sitaramretreat.com. Dr. Vignesh also provides Online individual consultation for your health and lifestyle improvement upon request. If you wish to arrange a 1-1 Online consultation, please sign up from the link below. https://calendly.com/drvignesh/60-minute-consultation-with-dr-vignesh