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In this episode, I am interviewing Pujitha Shetty, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. We will talk about the awareness a woman needs, to prepare for pregnancy and natural childbirth.
The topics we discuss are:
  • Story of Pujitha that made her find her passion
  • Cesarean Sections and its statistics in private hospitals
  • How to prepare for a natural childbirth
  • When a Cesarean section is advised
  • Importance of Nutrition and exercise
  • How to overcome Morning Sickness
  • Purpose of a childbirth Educator
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Pujitha Shetty supports expecting families have memorable birth experiences by incorporating a holistic approach to one’s pregnancy journey and also by being informed about navigating through the technocratic hospital systems. She is one of the few Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators in India. She is also a certified pregnancy Fitness Educator from CAPPA and a Reiki practitioner.
Her vision is to change the narrative of birth by educating and supporting women to ensure the normal physiology of birth is respected to the most extent, one mother at a time. You can reach her in Instagram @calmbirth.india
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