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In this interview with Nidhi Pandya, an ayurvedic practitioner based in Mumbai and New York, we discuss Ayurvedic Rituals for a good postpartum recovery. The topics in this podcast include –
Nidhis personal story on her ayurvedic rituals on Postpartum
The non-negotiable Ayurvedic rituals to be followed during Postpartum
The diet that supports proper postpartum recovery
How to prevent weight gain during this period
Safe period for getting back to exercise
Benefits of Shatavari
Why women must prepare for postpartum recovery just like pregnancy
On 27th September, I am holding an interactive Online Ayurveda Course on the topic of Agni and Ojas, which is the Ayurvedic Approach for enhancing Metabolism and Vitality. Did you know that according to Ayurveda the whole purpose of any therapy is to protect the Agni of a person? Do you want to learn how Agni influences our life force and find out how to enrich its function? This course will be a great opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of Ayurveda in enhancing digestion, healthy eating habits, improving gut health, basics of ayurvedic nutrition, and steps to enhance your vitality.
Nidhi Pandya conducts ayurvedic self-healing workshops around the world and writes for international Ayurveda magazines. To find out more about Nidhi’s work and to connect, please check www.nidhipandya.com and Instagram page @my_ayurvedic_life
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