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In this episode I am interviewing Divya Alter, author of the bestselling ayurvedic cookbook “What to Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen” and co-founder of the first ayurvedic restaurant in New York which also ranks amongst the Top 50 vegetarian restaurants in the USA. Divya teaches ayurvedic cooking to many chefs and other people interested in vegetarian ayurvedic cuisine.

The topics we chat about in today’s show:

What’s the story behind Divya’s passion for ayurvedic cooking [01:46]
The courage and vision behind the only ayurvedic restaurant in Manhattan [05:15]
Why cooking with seasonal ingredients is important for our health [10:14]
How eating freshly cooked food with mindfulness can improve digestion [13:20]
What makes ayurvedic cooking different from normal cooking [14:00]
Which are some good spices we can integrate to enhance our cooking [21:15]
What’s the right way of using turmeric in your cooking [23:04]
Why ginger is called as universal medicine in Ayurveda [28:09]
How to fall in love with cooking and celebrating it [29:20]
Why it is a blessing in disguise to have food sensitivity [34:40]
Some incompatible food combinations that must be avoided [35:30]
Few tips and tricks for healthy cooking [44:20]

Divya Alter is the co-founder of Bhagavat Life, an ayurvedic culinary school and Divya’s Kitchen, an ayurvedic restaurant in Manhattan. Her book “What to Eat for How You Feel” is also available as a German edition. For more information about Divya Alter visit www.divyaalter.com or check @divyaskitchennyc on Instagram.

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