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In this episode, I interview Ritu Kabra a family constellator on the importance of ancestral healing.

The topics we discuss are –

Why ancestral healing is important for our wellbeing? [00:30]
How family constellation can resolve beyond childhood issues? [07:33)
Why we may hold onto unhealed traumas unconsciously and how to resolve them? [08;45]
How ancestral healing helps in breaking the pattern of depression and anxiety in families? [10:00]
Why it is important to heal the disconnection with our parents? [14:15]
How the root cause of every problem can be related to a lack of love? [22:20]
The story behind what lead Ritu Kabra to pursue family constellation? [23;45]

Ritu Kabra is a Family constellator (trained at Hellinger Institute Germany), Hypnotherapist, (California Hypnosis Institute), and therapist trainer based in Mumbai over 16 years of experience. For more information about Ritu Kabra please check –  http://www.family-constellation.in/

Her Instagram is – @familyconstellationindia

Or contact  +919870367200 or kabraritu.68@gmail.com

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