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In this episode, Dr. Vignesh Devraj is sharing the recording of an interview he did on Panchakarma and frequently asked questions regarding the same.

The topics covered in this interview are:

The story behind Sitaram Beach Retreat Why many westerners appear to be more interested in Panchakarma than the Indian community The difference in the healing approach between Ayurveda and Western medicine What is Ayurveda What is Panchakarma and which are the different Panchakarma rituals What aspects of daily life, longevity, immunity, and wellbeing can be enhanced with the help of Panchakarma – focusing on immunity Are the preparation and post routines of Panchakarma very difficult for an average person with a busy schedule Methods and ways for Vaidyas to make it easy for a patient to go through Panchakarma without feeling overwhelmed or bogged down Who is eligible or fit for Panchakarma and if one is not fit enough, what other options are there to improve one’s health according to Ayurveda Can Panchakarma be done at home and would that still be as effective as doing it in a retreat Can we do Panchakarma near the beach

Would you like to learn more about Panchakarma and find out how this beautiful five-step mind-body rejuvenation and healing experience can improve your own immunity, vitality, and longevity? Whether you want to eliminate chronic pain, reduce stress and anxiety, purify and heal your skin, restore your metabolic fire and balance your doshas, boost your immune system, lose weight or improve your overall health – Panchakarma is one of the most effective and sustainable ways to do so.

Start your healing journey today and get in touch with Dr. Vignesh. He is now taking online consultations. Simply DM to his Instagram account @vigneshdevraj

For further details about Dr. Vignesh Devraj and his ayurvedic clinic, Sitaram Beach Retreat, please go to Facebook and Instagram @sitarambeachretreat or visit www.sitaramretreat.com

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