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In this episode I am interviewing Dr Pankaj Vij MD FACP and receiving brutally honest answers to the question: what is Coronavirus teaching human kind? Some of you might know him as the author of the best-selling book Turbo Metabolism – 8 Weeks to a New You: Preventing and Reversing Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease and Other Metabolic Diseases by Treating the Causes.

Some of the questions:

What is the possible cause of this virus? What is this Coronavirus outbreak teaching us? Why death due to Coronavirus is not the real truth? Why is the Coronavirus a litmus test for globalisation? Why the philosophy of Ayurveda is so relevant today? How can we prevent such outbreaks in the future? Why becoming a vegetarian is a great solution to prevent such outbreaks in the future? How can improving our metabolism transform our immunity? Why our relationships play an important role in our immunity?

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