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According to Ayurveda your immunity is the greatest pharmacy ever devised on this planet. In this interview with Nidhi Pandya, an ayurvedic practitioner based in Mumbai and New York, we discuss what are simple and easy to integrate habits one can do at home to boost immunity.   The topics we talk about in this episode include:

Why is it so important to boost your immunity  What immunity boosting actions can you take during lockdown/quarantine  Which spices are now good for you and how to use them  Why steaming, gargling and drinking hot water are as essential measures as washing your hands and social distancing  Which are the healing powers of Pranayama, Neti and Nasya  Easy methods to reduce anxiety  Why is self-oil massage or Abhyanga so important for our immunity  How to use essential oils  How to convert your home into a spiritual retreat

Nidhi Pandya conducts ayurvedic self-healing workshops around the world and writes for international Ayurveda magazines. To find out more about Nidhi’s work and to connect, please check www.nidhipandya.com and Instagram page @my_ayurvedic_life

For more details about the work of Dr Vignesh Devraj MD (Ayurveda), please check www.sitaramretreat.com, Facebook @sitarambeachretreat and Instagram @Vigneshdevraj