Dr.Vignesh Devraj,MD(Ayu)

"Immunity is the greatest pharmacy and asset we own"


Dr.Vignesh Devraj,MD(Ayu)

Dr. Vignesh Devraj is a 4th generation Ayurvedic healer. He is the founder and chief physician of Sitaram Beach Retreat,Kerala, a space for authentic healing and transformation.

Dr. Vignesh is a committed practitioner and researcher on Panchakarma, an ancient body purification method, which activates the body’s innate healing energies, providing the foundation to true health. Dr. Vignesh’s expertise lies in explaining ancient healing concepts and making it more accessible to the modern world. He is an an avid traveller who studies and explores the lesser known healing methods from around the world. He is an international speaker on natural healing,Ayurveda, meditation & transformation.

Dr. Vignesh Devraj believes true health is the foundation of true happiness.

Our Testimonials

Dr Devraj is extremely knowledgable about health and medicine, and he really cares about everyone who is involved with him. As a Westerner, it changed my experience with medicine, which has historically been distrustful and fearful. I saw him a few times for hour-long consultations in California, and they were extremely powerful experiences. Since one of the most major issues for my health is anxiety, we had a profound meditation that absolutely left me in tears of joy. Not only that, my sense of anxiety and self-loathing was greatly reduced over the long term, even years later! It felt like an absolute miracle. I am going through big changes to be sure, and I'm able to deal with them all with more energy, less anxiety, different eating habits, and a better relationship with my body. Go to India and stay at his retreat. I can't recommend it more.
Angela S
Santa Cruz, CA
I initially heard of Dr. Devraj through a newsletter in my community. From his first talk, I was intrigued by the information and perspective on health and looking at all aspects of a person - mental, emotional, history, etc. In a 1:1 session, I gained insight on how to change some dietary patterns and stress management. I made the recommended adjustments and in a brief period of time felt more calm, centered and slept better. The recommendations have also helped with digestion and other concerns. I will certainly continue ayurveda consultations to stay on the path of good health and vitality.
Ashland, OR
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