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In today’s episode I am interviewing an entrepreneur Shashank Mehta who is the founder of the food company ‘The whole truth’ formerly known as ‘And nothing else’.
The topics we discuss in this podcast are –
  • The story of Shashank Mehta in starting his health blog www.fitshit.com and his company ‘The Whole Truth’ formerly known as ‘And nothing else’.
  • Why the whole truth about ingredients in what you eat are so important for us to know
  • The evolution of refined white sugar and fructose corn syrup
  • How to properly read the food label and know if the food is good for you or not
  • How food companies hide the truth about sugar that can sound like rocket science
  • How to understand the technical names for artificial sweeteners that need not be declared as sugar.
  • Is the packaged food industry advertising like the cigarette companies a few decades ago.
  • Discussion about potential laws which might bring food companies selling sugar-filled products put up disclaimer such as ‘this product contains sugar which can cause diabetes and obesity’ in the label
Shashank started his fitness journey at over 100kgs, 15 years ago. In the decade that followed, he taught himself fitness, lost 40kgs, ran several marathons, and helped many friends and colleagues get onto the fitness bandwagon. An IIM graduate, he has self-experimented with every fitness-fad and quick-fix out there, and now runs a 100% clean-label food brand called The Whole Truth (formerly ‘and nothing else’). They make super clean Protein Bars and Immunity balls, and you can check them out at www.thewholetruthfoods.com
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