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In Today’s episode, Dr. Vignesh Devraj is interviewing Meditation and yoga teacher Anna Schwartz on Mindfulness and various techniques to calm our nervous system.
The topics discussed in this episode are –
  • The story behind Anna’s journey into yoga and meditation
  • Letting go of the fear of judgment and monkey mind
  • Understanding the art of mindfulness
  • The baby steps on exploring meditation
  • Decoding the monkey mind
  • Benefits of breathwork and altered states
  • How mindfulness and trust are interrelated
  • Journaling and inner creativity
  • Why curiosity is vital for our growth
Anna Schwarz followed a promising career in Business until she realized that the current paradigm of competition and numbers before people does not align with her core values – compassion, trust, and purpose.
Trusting her intuition, she quit focusing on what she also appreciated most in her previous roles as team lead: supporting others in their personal development and wellbeing through Mindfulness, Coaching, and Embodiment practices.
Her current mission is to bring the tools she learned through immersive retreats and traveling periods by igniting sustainable change in the way we interact and work together. She also advocates reclaiming the experience of being human in business as well as in our everyday interpersonal interactions.
For further details about Anna Schwarz, please go to Facebook and Instagram @alphaomegayoga or visit www.alphaomega.yoga
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