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In this episode, Dr. Vignesh Devraj is interviewing Nidhi Singh, Founder and Director of PCOS CLUB INDIA; the first online community in India for people suffering from PCOS.

The topics discussed in the podcast are:-

The quantum leap of Ms. Nidhi Singh from a corporate office to establishing  PCOS community

Regular health checkup, Google and the importance of selective information

Importance of learning and unlearning about lifestyle choices

Why timely diagnosis is important

What is the exact meaning of lifestyle change?

Effects of body shaming and the importance of finding a support system in the family

Early detection of signs and how to approach it

Balanced diet

Nidhi Singh is available on Instagram as @missus.singh and at @pcosclubindia. Her website is https://pcosclubindia.com/

Dr.Vignesh Devraj is available on Facebook and Instagram as @sitarambeachretreat @vigneshdevraj respectively. For further information kindly visit www.vigneshdevraj.com


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