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In this episode, I am Interviewing Julia Monosova, a wellness coach and Plant-Based chef on the topic of Cravings and Intuitive Eating.

The topics we discuss in this podcast include –

The story of Julia’s journey into becoming a wellness coach and a plant-based chef
Understanding the dynamics of Craving
Are Cravings bad in general
Understanding the Yin & Yang of food & pendulum swing effect
How to break the pattern of unhealthy cravings
Why going cold turkey can backfire
How to minimize withdrawal symptoms
How to substitute unhealthy food with healthy ones
Why Substitution is important to change your eating habits
Could cravings for sweets be a symptom of a lack of self-love?
Julia Monosova is a certified yoga teacher, macrobiotic counselor, wellness coach, and plant-based chef Based in Los Angeles. She offers Macrobiotic consultations, as an essential supplement to a healthy lifestyle. She also teaches vegan cooking workshops and detox retreats online and offline

Through her personal journey, Julia has discovered the powerful benefits of yoga and Macrobiotics including increased energy and vitality, reduced risk of disease, weight maintenance, greater tranquility, and compassion for oneself and others. This experience completely transformed her life, and she was inspired to dedicate herself to helping others by sharing the knowledge of yoga to empower and inspire others.

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