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In this episode, Dr Vignesh Devraj is interviewing Angelica Neri, co-founder of Soulfull Veda. Soulfull Veda specializes in Ayurvedic Wellness retreats, medicine and science that bring you to balance and nourish your soul.

The topics discussed in the podcast are:-

The journey of Angelica and Rachel from quitting their job and forming soulfull Veda

What are the seven chakras?

How to deal with blocked chakra and how to unblock it?

Impact of a blocked chakra on other chakras

What is a root chakra and why is it important to be grounded?

How second chakra and women’s health are related?

Third chakra- the fire element

Is heart chakra the most potent chakra?

Why is throat chakra Important?

Sixth chakra- inner energy or the third eye

What is the crown Chakra?

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