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In this episode, Dr. Vignesh Devraj is sharing the recording of a live lecture that he gave to a group of patients in Sitaram Beach Retreat

Many patients who visit Sitaram claim while being in this Retreat and undergoing Panchakarma it is easy to live a healthy lifestyle but after going back to how to sustain this lifestyle and energy and more than that how to prevent weight gain.

The topics he shares in this episode include –

Why mindset is so important for being healthy
The power of Routine
Eat when you are hungry or eat on time
Importance of Exercise
Why some people lose weight easily and some don’t
How to avoid overeating and drinking
Power of mindful eating
Why weight loss is a mind game

For further information about Dr. Vignesh Devraj, kindly visit www.vigneshdevraj.com and www.sitaramretreat.com

His Instagram handles are @sitarambeachretreat @vigneshdevraj

If you are interested in doing one on one ayurvedic consultation with Dr. Vignesh Devraj please find the details in this link – Ayurvedic Consultation with Dr Vignesh Devraj

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