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In this interview with Nidhi Pandya, an ayurvedic practitioner based in Mumbai and New York, we demystify some of the common myths about ayurvedic herbs and procedures.

The topics we talk about in this episode include:

How to honor an ayurvedic healing journey [02:35] Why following the circadian rhythm must be a non-negotiable habit for our health [04:20] Some common ayurvedic herbs that are misused and misunderstood [05:42] How to use turmeric in a healthy way [06:08] Why ghee is considered to be a great medium in Ayurveda [09:06] Understanding the proper usage of Chyawanprash [11:04] Triphala and its proper usage, benefits as well as side effects if misused [19:50] The correct way of taking honey in our daily life according to Ayurveda [25:10] The science behind Vasthi (ayurvedic enemas) and how it is different from other colonic and coffee enemas [27:50]

Nidhi Pandya conducts ayurvedic self-healing workshops around the world and writes for international Ayurveda magazines. To find out more about Nidhi’s work and to connect, please go to www.nidhipandya.com or visit her Instagram page @my_ayurvedic_life

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