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In this episode I am interviewing Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra, an Ayurveda practitioner from Birmingham, UK. She is an expert in the management of gut health disorders using an ayurvedic, holistic approach.

The topics discussed in this podcast are:

What exactly is Constipation and how to understand if you are suffering from it
What are the various causes of constipation?
Issues with Laxative abuse and various laxatives that are used
Who can use Laxatives
Understanding the proper utility of Triphala
Lifestyle and Dietary changes to enhance your bowel movements

Dr Varalakshmi Yanamandra is an Ayurveda practitioner, B.A.M.S, OMT and the Managing Director of the Ayur Wellness & Pain Centre in Birmingham, UK. She teaches Ayurveda online via Europe Ayurveda Academy and uses her ayurvedic and holistic approaches to educate and empower the art of healthy eating and lifestyle in British people. Varalakshmi also is an editorial board member for JAIMS, International Ayurveda Research Journal. Currently, she is working on creating healthy recipes by incorporating ayurvedic principles into the modern diet.

Check out her work at:



Instagram – @drvaralakshmi

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